Interesting Journals and Conferences

Last update: 05/2014


Knowledge representation:

  • Knowledge-Based Systems (IF 4.104, IF5: 3.371) [RANK: B] 
    • Knowledge-Based Systems focuses on the role of computer systems that support knowledge workers in problem formulation, concept definition, design, decision-making and learning. Knowledge Support Systems must be capable of co-operating with human users in such a way as to provide high quality support in the structuring, management and discovery of human knowledge.
  • Data & Knowledge Engineering (IF: 1.519, IF5: 1.710) [RANK B]
    •  Architectures of database, expert, or knowledge-based systems ….

System dynamics:

  • System Dynamics Review (IF: 1.444)
    • Advances in the application of the perspectives and methods of system dynamics to societal, technical, managerial, and environmental problems.

Science Education:

  • Journal of Research in Science Teaching (IF: 2.552)
    • issues of science teaching and learning and science education policy.
  • Journal of the Learning Sciences (IF: 3.036, 5Y-IF: 3.11)
    • foster new ways of thinking about learning that will allow our understanding of cognition and social cognition to have impact in education. It publishes research articles that advance our understanding of learning in real-world situations and the roles of technology can play in promoting deep and lasting learning.
  • Science education (IF: 2.382)
    • relevant science education topic that employs an established and recognized scholarly approach and also impacts or is generalizable to national and international populations. Quantitative research reports that employ sophisticated research designs (e.g. MANOVAs linear modeling) and qualitative research reports that rigorously follow naturalistic research methods are preferred. One or two variable tests employing simple inferential statistics (e.g. ANOVA or ANCOVA) and poorly described and argued qualitative research are discouraged.
  • Computers & EducationThe Journal of the Learning Sciences (IF: 2.775, 5Y-IF: 3.305)
    • technology continues to make an ever-increasing impact on all aspects of cognition, education and training, from primary to tertiary and in the growing open and distance learning environment. The Editors welcome any papers on cognition, educational or training systems development using techniques from and applications in any technical knowledge domain: curricula considerations, graphics, simulations, computer-aided design, computer integrated manufacture, artificial intelligence and its applications including intelligent tutoring systems and computer assisted language learning; user interfaces to learning systems; management of technological change on campus and in local education; uses of advanced technology information systems.
  • Learning and Instruction (IF: 3.337, IF5: 3.621)
    • learning, development, instruction and teaching

Environmental science / modelling:

  • Environmental Modelling & Software (IF: 3.476, IF5: 3.608)
    • advances in environmental modelling and/or software. The aim is to improve our capacity to represent, understand, predict or manage the behaviour of environmental systems at all practical scales, and to communicate those improvements to a wide scientific and professional audience. 33.4763
  • Ecological Informatics (IF: 1.961, IF5: 1.858)
    • ecoinformatics, computational ecology and systems ecology.

 Journals list:

A*-ranked Journals:

  • ACM Transactions on Computer – Human Interaction (IF: 1.18, IF5: 1.37)
  • Artificial Intelligence (IF: 2.194, IF5: 2.556)
  • Decision Support Systems (IF: 2.201 IF5: 3.037 )
  • European Journal of Information Systems (IF: IF5: )
  • Journal of Computer and System Sciences (IF: IF5: )
  • Journal of Information Technology (IF: IF5: )
  • Trends in Cognitive Sciences (IF: IF5: )

A-ranked Journals

  • ACM Transactions on Information Systems (IF: IF5: )
  • Computer Science Education (IF: IF5: )
  • Human-Computer Interaction (IF: IF5: )
  • IEEE Intelligent Systems (IF: IF5: )
  • IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering (IF: IF5: )
  • IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics, Part B: Cybernetics (IF: IF5: )
  • International Journal of Human-Computer Studies (IF: IF5: )
  • Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research (IF: IF5: )
  • Journal of Automated Reasoning (IF: IF5: )
  • Journal of Computer Assisted Learning (IF: IF5: )
    Journal of Computer Information Systems (IF: IF5: )
  • Journal of Information Science (IF: IF5: )
  • Journal of Systems and Software (IF: IF5: )
  • User Modeling and User Adapted Interaction (IF: IF5: )


  • Data and Knowledge Engineering (IF: IF5: )
  • Knowledge Engineering Review (IF: IF5: )
  • Knowledge-Based Systems (IF: IF5: )




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